RFID integrated Library Management System


A library management system is ERP software that is designed & developed to manage all the in-house functions of a library. A librarian requires maintaining a database of new books and the books that are borrowed by users along with their due dates. The best way to maintain, organize, and handle countless books systematically is to implement a library management system software.
This system completely automates all your library’s activities. You can find books in an instant, issue/reissue books quickly, and manage all the data efficiently and orderly using this system. The purpose of a library management system is to provide instant and accurate data regarding any type of book, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

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Library Management Software Modules

The following list depicts the modules of MasterSoft’s library management system.

Acquisition & Cataloguing

The acquisition & cataloguing module of the library management system enables the librarian to select & buy books, journals, and other resources and create a database of the same for easy book search.

Serial Control

The serial control module of the library software enables the librarians to handle or control processes such as subscription, renewals of books or their cancellations and generate accurate MIS reports.


The circulation module enables the librarian to create and manage borrower types along with keeping a tab on their book issue date, return date, dues, and fines. It enables a smooth circulation of books in the library.

MIS Reports

Management information systems or MIS reports related to the library allow the librarians to extract crucial data & information of all the library transactions at a few clicks. Accurate MIS reports fostering better decision-making.


Online Public Access Catalogue or OPAC is a digital catalogue that enables the users to search for books, journals, or any other material by entering keywords such as the name of the book, its title, author’s name, etc.


Mobile - Online Public Access Catalogue or M-OPAC is a mobile-based smartphone app that enables users to search for any book via their smartphones by entering keywords such as author’s name, title, etc.

Key Features Of Library Management

Can be integrated with the school management system
Best inventory management
100% assurance for import of other library data into LIB-Man
Backup and recovery provision
Mark standard data import/export
Book data fetching from ISBN site and Google API saves data entry time
Follows all library latest standards such as Marc 21, Library Congress Standards, AACR2
Fully secured & maintenance-free library
Best onsite training & service support for all types of libraries
Fully documented user manual
Fine and Dues Calculation
Reports/Data export to word, excel, PDF, text
No duplication of work
No restrictions & no hidden costs on
No upper limits on the number of documents/journals and entries
MIS reports on laser/inkjet printers
User-defined privileges & supports e-book uploading & reading
Web based Search with OPAC
Mobile App for book search M-OPAC
The library software is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-use
It offers 24*7 access to the library resources
Provides functionalities like acquisition, cataloguing, serial control, etc
Highly secure and efficient library database management
Provides greater efficiency of work processes & saves time of librarian
Cost-effective software for library and can be configured as per requirements


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